Broken Links in WordPress: how to automatically Find and Fix

After a period of time a situation may occur when your website’s outbound links directing visitors to page that no longer exist. Developers usually calls these outdated links like “Broken Links” or “Dead Links”.

In fact, it is proven that broken links negatively affect your website’s SEO. This is not a reason to be alarmed if your site has broken links, although it is highly recommended to repair broken website links. In this article of our WordPress Tutorial, we will show how to find and most importantly fix broken links in WordPress. So, you can increase search engines rank.

What are broken links?

When your guest clicks on the broken link server shows a 404 page that states that the page is not available.

First, broken links typically occur when moving site to new domain name, or when deleting a post or page without proper redirection. Second, these link also can occur due to user mistakes, for example, guest enter a wrong URL. In first case, the best results you also can achieve by regular scanning and fixing. Therefore, it should be the priority day-to-day task to help to avoid negative user-experience of website visitors and frustrating to the person.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, is not only a tool for 404 errors searching but also the set of SEO tools for managing website’s visibility in search results.

Once you are logged into Google Search Console account, can find your website’s broken links in the ‘Coverage’ section. In like manner, under Errors or Excluded tabs console shows all the links having 404 errors. Moreover, Google Search Console focuses the user’s attention on issues if it threatens to remove your page from the index or prevent the page from being indexed.


Here it is another one of the best SEO tool is SEMRush. First, it monitor your website’s SEO rankings and overall health.

Second, SEMRush offers a site auditor tool which scans your website to find errors and after that prepares a report with detailed information.

Although keep in mind that you have to sign up for a SEMRush account to start monitoring. Be that as it may, SEMRush free account has limit to 100 pages on one domain name. Paid plan limits start from 100,000 pages a month. After you have logged in you need to make a ‘New Site Audit’. Once finished, you can view your report and export it for further analysis.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool is one of popular SEO tool on the market. This desktop application can report brake link and other server errors. Anyway, it is available for Linux, Windows and Mac.

The free version of the application limits crawling to 500 URLs. This is maybe enough for small websites, but larger websites and blogs will have to upgrade to the paid version which is £149 per year.

Link Sleuth by Xenu

Xenu presented a free desktop application Link Sleuth that allows to find broken links for any website. Different from SEMRush and Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, Xenu’s Link Sleuth is completely free.

But Xenu did not update the tool since 2010 either. Despite, many user continue using this application to check broken URLs.

Broken Link Check

Online Broken Link Checker is free online broken link finder also known as Broken Link Check. As a result, you receive a report of broken links on a site with the exact server response and location on a page.

People actually use it to find dead affiliate links on their websites.

Dead Link Checker

Dead Link Checker is almost full alternative to Broken Link Check. In general, it reports the URL, the status, and the location on the source page.

Nevertheless, Dead Link Checker offers a subscription plan from $9.95 per month that adds an Email report and scheduler of crawls, for example, Dead Link Checker can scan your website daily, weekly, or monthly.

Check My Links

In this article, we cannot pass by a free browser extension for Chrome that scans the webpage for error links. You should consider Check My Links as an auxiliary broken link tool because it only checks the page you are on.

Frankly speaking, it is a very useful tool for code debugging and long articles checking.

Broken Link Checker

Now we smoothly move on to resource-intensive methods. On the whole, plugin checks for internal and external broken links resulting in a 404 error.

In particular, this plugin is powerful solution that lets apply custom formatting links to broken links in selected range of posts. As a matter of fact, Broken Link Checker comes with customizable server resources limit so you can avoid your web-server performance issues.

Link Checker

Link Checker is the similar named plugin and alternative to Broken Link Checker. This WordPress plugin, in contrast, offers wider functionality such as a special stats tab and an edit link that takes you directly to the location of edit page where the link is broken.

The free version of the plugin has a limit of 500 URLs. To increase this limit to 25,000 and to check images with scheduler you have to upgrade to Link Checker Professional for 45 euros.

404 Solution

Next solution will help your guests to escape 404 error by redirecting to the page they should have arrived on. In general, 404 Solution plugin help to avoid all mistakes in typing and posting pages.

Under those circumstances, this plugin help to not lose traffic and see pages that have incorrect links. It should be noted, the 404 solution is 100% free.

How to properly Fix broken links?

Now you know how to find broken links, however we need to learn how to fix its.

You may just redirect guest to another page. This actually is an easiest way to fix the broken link. For instance, you changed the address of a page, and then you need to redirect it to the newer article address.

Likewise, if an article was deleted, then you redirect a user to a similar page with closely related content of an old article. For this purposes the Redirection plugin is needed.

After setting a redirect you should test a broken link. On successful test result, repeat the process for all other broken links.

We hope this article helped you learn how to find and fix broken links in a short time in WordPress.

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