bbPress: What is it in WordPress?

bbPress is a solution for adding forum functionality to a WordPress powered site. Moreover, it is free, open-source, and lightweight which won’t slow your website down.

In this article, we will tell you what bbPress is, its main features, and how it’s related to BuddyPress.

What is WordPress bbPress?

This plugin project was initially launched in 2004 as a solution for the support forums of Because it has the slow code and feature limitations presented in much of the forum software. In fact, that became the main impetus for the project’s start. Basically, miniBB was too bloated for support forum purposes. And the WordPress team decided to build a completely new forum system.

Now the bbPress essentially is the WordPress plugin, which you can easily install into your WordPress site. It follows two main principles – small and lightweight. Though, it is also very extensible and capable of handling custom forums easily. Even if you will have an issue then there are also very active support forums with contributors willing to help fix it.

Differences from the BuddyPress

What is the difference between bbPress and BuddyPress because Automattic created these plugins? BuddyPress helps you create a kind of “social network” using WordPress. To be more exact, your users can have detailed public member profiles, join groups, send private messages, receive notifications, and more.

Despite their similarities, both plugins create a community in slightly different ways. However, due to bbPress complete integration with BuddyPress, you can even use both of them at the same time to get the best result. For example, you will be able to combine a bbPress forum with BuddyPress enhanced profiles.