Admin Dashboard: What is it in WordPress?

The WordPress Admin Dashboard known as Admin Area is the control panel for your WordPress website. Usually, you can access it by visiting the wp-admin directory in your browser. Moreover, for a complete step-by-step wizard to login into a WordPress follow WordPress Login Guide.

What is a WordPress Admin Dashboard?

In general, the Admin Dashboard is the administrative center of a WordPress website where you can manage your content, change your website look, add new functionality, integrate with social networks, and many more.

It should be noted, an administrator has full access to the entire WordPress Admin Area. Compared to Administrator, users with other roles like editor, subscriber, or author have limited access to the Admin Area. For example, the author role can only access their own posts and comments under their posts within Admin Area.

Administration Dashboard has a toolbar called the admin bar at the top of a screen. In fact, the Admin bar includes a menu with access to a few special administrative functions. The main navigation menu is on the left side, which provides access to the WordPress management options. Besides, each major item offers a sub-menu with extra options.

In the middle of the Administrative screen, you can see the work area. It actually provides a set of fields where you can write, edit, delete posts, and configure your website functionality.